Eco-friendly automotive lamps

GE Lighting Automotive Products Team became a proud participant in the European-level database of car-manufacturer-suppliers, where the material content of all our products is presented to our customers up-to-date.

As a replacement for halogen lamps, GE is offering a light source that represents innovative and energy efficient automotive lighting. The Xensation™ discharge lamps, provide better visibility, greater illuminated area on the road, and optically advantageous whiter light compared to halogen lamps. Xensation™ lamps offer up to 3 times more light output than a standard halogen product whilst only consuming 65% of the power that halogen lamps use. This way they are more friendly to the environment by saving more energy. All this is offered, while giving up to three times the lifetime of conventional lamps. Safety also comes due to the enormous increase in the illuminated field of vision. The outer bulb is made of UV-control quartz glass, which prevents UV rays leaving the discharge lamp and causing damage to plastic covered headlamps.