Energy efficient halogens? Yes!

Halogen lamps are 5-20% more energy efficient and offer a longer - up to 6 times - lifetime than conventional incandescent lamps. At the same time they provide outstanding light quality and colour temperature, creating a warm atmosphere.

In standard incandescent and halogen lamps approximately 76% of the input energy is lost as heat radiation, whilst only 8% is converted to useful light (the rest is lost in the area of the filament). The Halogen-IRTM thin film (invented by GE), consisting of multiple layers of very durable, thin, interference films, reflects much of the heat back onto the lamp filament, while allowing the visible light to pass through. This increases the filament temperature, which allows it to give off more visible light for the same input power. This increase in efficacy can be used to reduce the required energy input for the same light output, to increase the life of the lamp, or a combination of both.

Precise™ ConstantColor™ MR16
The application of GE Thin Film Technology has several advantages: 

  • Higher energy efficiency - Because the coating is applied to the inside and the outside of the reflector, a reduced quantity of light is wasted out at the back of the lamp. The light that does escape through the reflector is a consistent hue, which will not vary from lamp to lamp through life, ensuring that replacements do not appear different from existing lamps. The ConstantColorTM interference film still allows 66% of the infra-red heat to pass through the back of the reflector to ensure that a cool beam is achieved, while reflecting forward almost 100% of the visible light.

  • Higher lumen maintenance - Because the ConstantColor™ coating will not degrade over life, a high level of lumen maintenance is achieved throughout lamp life. This ensures that light colouration is the same from lamp to lamp.
  • Better colour maintenance - Normal dichroic coatings can lose as much as 50% of lumen maintenance over a life as non-durable coatings degrade. The durable titania and silica oxides, offered by GE's Thin Film Technology can withstand temperatures of 500oC without degradation over a rated life of up to 6000 hours on 20, 35 and 50W lamps and up to 4000 hours on 71W lamps.
  • UV Control - Tungsten halogen lamps emit UV light, similar to sunlight. The level of ultra violet radiation emitted by these lamps is much less than that of the sun. However, eliminating these emissions is a sensible issue. Choosing UV control halogen lamps effectively eliminates UV-C and greatly reduces UV-B radiation. Potentially harmful high-energy UV-C and UV-B radiation emitted by the filament are absorbed by the wall of the capsule, which is produced with a specially developed quartz type called Ceritite™ for UV Control.