Energy-saving HID lamps

The high intensity discharge lamps by GE Lighting Europe offer outstanding energy-efficiency, long lifetime, good colour rendering capacity, reliability and versatility, which enable them to be used under almost any circumstances.


GE Lighting Europe is continuously looking for new ways to improve product performance and features, while addressing and reflecting environmental concerns. A perfect example is Lucalox™ , which features Lead-Free Technology - meeting the requirements of the current EU Directive - and consists of the following elements:

  • Lamps contain no lead solder
  • Lamps use lead-free
  • borosilicate glass (above 100W), which is also cutting UV radiation, having a UV-PET index at minimum 200

Furthermore, these lamps offer extra high energy efficiency (up to 150 Lm/W), converting more energy into light, saving natural resources and reducing heat emissions. They also have an extremely long lifetime (up to 28.500 hours) reducing waste generation and maintenance requirements.


CMH GE's ConstantColor™ CMH (ceramic metal halide) lamp is the latest advance in a long-term lighting revolution. Ceramic metal halide lamps provide exceptionally consistent and high colour rendering compared to quartz metal halide, ensuring safety and design over its long life of up to 15.000 hours. These advantages can all be achieved without sacrificing energy-efficiency. With energy-efficiency of up to 100 Lm/W, ConstantColorTM CMH equals standard high pressure sodium lamps, meeting customers' requirements at low natural resource-consumption and cost of lighting. All of these features provide the best alternative for retail lighting, city beautification and decorative exterior lighting.