EHS excellence at GE Lighting Europe

Environment we are working in

GE's commitment to environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence starts at the top. EHS is an integral part of GE's integrity policy and every employee is responsible for driving EHS excellence.

The GE EHS staff consists of a global footprint of EHS professionals that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. GE has developed a world-class set of EHS management systems that help the business deliver EHS excellence. Digitized, web-based compliance tools provide ownership and accountability, and give the business access to real-time EHS metrics. Employee Involvement in voluntary EHS programs, such as GE Global Star, is a key element of GE's EHS success. Effective Customer Site Management is critical to ensuring that our employees are safe, that projects schedules are maintained, and that customer CTQ's are met. GE has a strong record of driving year-over year continuous improvement and delivering industry leading EHS performance metrics.

Costumer value through EHS

Maintaining high environmental as well as heath and safety standards is more than just our fundamental responsibility. It is a smart business practice. High EHS standards and strong EHS performance delivers real value for our customers in a variety of different ways.

Health and Safety:

  • Prevention of workplace Injuries
  • Fewer days away from work
  • Improved employee morale
  • Protecting communities
  • Positive agency relationship
  • Prevention of fines & notices of non-compliance from regulatory authorities
Business Relationships:
  • Understanding customer EHS goals
  • Pre-job EHS planning
  • EHS program & best practice sharing
  • Reduced cost & improved margins
  • Increased efficiency & schedule
  • Protection of brand and reputation
For more information about the EHS policy of GE, download the related excerpt from The Spirit and Letter of Our Commitment.