Environmentally friendly products by GE Lighting Europe

Environmentally friendly products by GE Lighting Europe

Light quality, eco-friendly packaging, driver and end-of-life safety… At GE Lighting we do our best to ensure our work has only positive effects on the world around us.

Light quality

The higher the colour temperature, the "cooler" the colour is.
Colour temperatures...

  • of 2000K -3000K create a "warm" atmosphere.
  • above 4000K are "cool" in appearance.
  • between 3000K and 4000K are considered intermediate and tend to be preferred.
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) rates a light source's ability to render colours in a natural way, based on a scale from 0 to 100. In general, light sources with high CRI (80-100) will make people and things look better than those with lower CRIs, which is an important feature in terms of safety issues as well. Light quality also includes the eye-friendliness characteristic of a light source. In the case of compact fluorescent lamps, because these light sources operate at very high frequencies, the annoying flicker typical of some fluorescent installations operating with conventional control gear can be avoided. These characteristics make them the most favoured choice for working conditions in terms of health and safety issues.


Certain types of products within GE's halogen lamp range are packed in recyclable blisters, where the paper and plastic compartments can be easily separated and recycled.

  • In the case of some automotive lamps all plastic packaging is applied.
  • A special feature of the linear fluorescent lamps is that they come in a re-usable Take Care SystemTM packaging, ensuring an easier and environmentally-friendly waste handling system.
  • To pack incandescent and compact fluorescent light-sources, a so called ECO-BLISS design is under construction, which consists of a paper back and a plastic cover, fixed together with a special glue that contains no toxic materials.
  • GE Lighting Europe has achieved and continuously maintained that 80-90% of the cardboard and 50-60* % of the corrugated products used in its packaging are recycled materials.
  • We are launching many projects each year to find ways to minimize packaging cost, and materials used.


This index applies to a rated average lifetime, which refers to the point in time when 50 % of the installed lamps are still burning. Lifetime is essential when choosing a light source for a special application area. It is vital to have long-lasting lamps at places that are hard to reach, which considerably reduces the risk of work accidents. Furthermore, the longer the lifetime, the less waste is produced during maintenance, which is not only reducing costs, but also having further environmental benefits as used light-sources are considered to be hazardous waste.

Driver and end-of-life safety

Driver safety in automotive lighting is a sensitive issue, with statistics showing that almost 60% of accidents take place under poorly lit conditions. Therefore, improving lighting conditions for cars is a key issue in this fast paced world.

In very limited circumstances - with very low probability - a traditional CFL may smoke and emit melting plastic-like odours at the end of its life. GE Lighting's compact fluorescent lamps limit/eliminate this problem through end-of-life protection. A small portion of chemical material is placed near the cathode, and in case of critical overheat, the evaporating gas quenches the arc.