Green CFL lamps

The compact fluorescent lamps of GE Lighting Europe give more light and less heat, converting up to 25% of the electricity they use into light (incandescent lamps convert just 5% into light and the remaining 95% into heat), thus resulting in higher energy efficiency (50-75 Lm/W).

Installing these lamps, you can save more on natural resources as well as in costs by using less energy. They also last up to 15 times (6-15.000 hours) as long as incandescent lamps, producing less waste as well as minimal maintenance. In compact fluorescent lamps a higher-value triphosphor is used, which gives a higher colour rendering capacity to our products.
Biax™ Q/E: Has an extra high energy-efficiency value (74 Lm/W) and long lifetime (12.000 hours).
Biax™ 2D™: GE developed and patented this innovation, which provides almost circular light output, making it ideal in small places, where high output is required. Under these circumstances, an important requirement is that the UV radiation from the light-source does not damage the plastic fixture. Therefore, these products were designed to meet the UV-PET value of over 1000 to ensure a long appliance lifetime.