Health and safety at GE Lighting Europe

Health and safety at GE Lighting

At GE, a dedicated team is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of employees, applying world-class expectations, operational tools and training. GE's focus on health and safety extends beyond the company's walls as well, as it works with suppliers to help ensure a safe and healthy workplace for their own employees.

GE operates a Global Star safety excellence award program containing 21 elements of the company Health and Safety programs which all help to deliver a sophisticated EHS management system. This initiative provides involvement and ownership of EHS at all levels of the organization. Our aim is that all sites achieve Global star status and once accomplished is then recertified every 5 years. This program promotes a positive EHS culture, which energizes associates and employees at all level to include EHS as an integral part of their day-to-day activity.

Global Star certified manufacturing sites in GE Lighting EMEA:

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