LFL lamps for environmentally conscious costumers

Our double-coated Linear Fluorescent Lamps (LFLs) are designed to comply with all European standards and anticipate forthcoming regulations.

Every product with Polylux™ or Starcoat™ coating technology, whether premium or regular, uses triphosphor elements not only to satisfy these standards but to exceed them.


It has all the environmentally positive features of the Polylux XLRTM triphosphor technology, such as the extra long lifetime, energy-efficiency, reduced mercury content and outstanding colour reproduction, plus extra safety features. The lamp is wrapped in a casing of polycarbonate plastic that effectively contains glass fragments and phosphor in case the lamp is broken. The casing allows for maximum protection with minimum light loss. Both the casing and the lamp are fully recyclable, once separated.


It is a GE proprietary coating technology that eliminates the need for traditional lower quality halophosphor coat by reflecting the UV light more effectively. This leaves a pure tri-phosphor coating for the best colour rendering and lumen maintenance possibilities. Another advantage of this type is the extra high energy-efficiency (104 Lm/W) and the reduced mercury content (only 5 mg). Thanks to its smaller size, 38% less glass and phosphor is used for production than in the case of conventional T8 lamps.