GE Lighting ENERGY STAR program

GE CFL bulbs are part of the role GE Consumer & Industrial plays in ecomagination, GE's company-wide commitment to imagining and building innovative solutions that benefit our customers and society at large.

Recognizing our commitment to creating appliances and lighting products that help reduce energy spending and protect the environment, The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency have awarded GE with the 2010 Sustained Excellence Award.

Our ENERGY STAR® Qualified Products

Our energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs offer great benefits:

  • Outstanding Efficiency
Up to 75% energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs
  • Long Life
Last up to 16 times longer than incandescent light bulbs
  • Flicker-Free Start
No flicker; quick or instant start
  • Convenient Sizes
Fits in most standard fixtures
  • Excellent Color Rendering
New phosphors make surroundings look natural and pleasing
  • Since compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy, these products save you money on your electricity bill and help protect the environment. And you get the features and quality you expect.

What qualifies a product as ENERGY STAR®?

ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs are the same or better than standard bulbs, only they use less energy. When you choose a GE Lighting product that has earned the ENERGY STAR label, you can trust that it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and the Department of Energy.
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How does ENERGY STAR® help the environment?

Did you know that your house can pollute twice as much as your car? That's right, twice as much. That's because every time we flick on a light switch, run a dishwasher, or turn on a TV, we're using energy.

Most energy comes from power plants that burn fossil fuels, which, when burned, release greenhouse gases into the air. So, it's simple! The more energy we save by using ENERGY STAR products and adopting energy-saving practices in our homes, the more air pollution we can prevent.