GE Hungary Hajdúböszörmény Component Factory

GE Hungary Hajduboszormeny Component Factory

GE Hungary Hajdúböszörmény Component Factory is part of the GE Consumer and Industrial Lighting Business. The factory produces Tungsten rods, Tungsten strips, Tungsten and Molybdenum wires and a large selection of different kind of coils. Coil application fields are: incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, automotive lamps, fluorescent cathodes, HID electrodes, Metallizing (evaporation) coils, Lead-in wires, PCD and natural diamond drawing dies. The factory is ready to sell components based on customer specification.
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GE Hungary Component Factory Zalaegerszeg

In the past decades a team of professional technicians was formed in our plant, that manages to solve even the most special and complicated tasks. The Zalaegerszeg Plant has a group of 24 qualified engineers. Complying with the customer demands we plan and build tools, produce even prototypes and high series of pressed metal parts.
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