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GE Hungary has a great experience in manufacturing metal, ceramics and glass components, just as well as wires and filaments. Get to know more about Components Purchase opportunities!

Metal Components (Zalaegerszeg Factory)

GE Hungary has a broad experience in production of various metal parts using aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, steel, silver, bakelite, glass, plastic and ceramics. More than 170 pressing machines and other equipments produce 10 million pieces of metal parts per day. We are able to satisfy the most demanding requirements such as complicated shapes, welding, threading and different surface treatments.

Zalaegerszeg Metal Component Factory is certified by ISO 9001/2008 quality management and ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality assurance systems, and by ISO 14001 environmental standard. In compliance with GE 's standards our factory grants high level environmental and labour safety systems as well. We have considerable knowledge of the most challanging requirements such as design and manufacture complicated shapes, welding-, threading processes and different surface treatments.

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Ceramics (Budapest Factory)

GE uses high purity 99,99 % aluminum oxide powder to produce its high quality ceramic components. Each production phase from powder mixing through sintering and the 100% control in manufacturing process allows to manufacture high quality precise products.

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Glass Components (Budapest and Nagykanizsa Factories)

Our Hungarian glass factories produce wide range of products with soda-lime, vitrite and hard glass. GE portfolio provides bulbs not only for traditional lighting, such as HID, PAR, Automotive and Halogen, but for Christmas ornament(s) applications as well.

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Wires and Filaments (Hajdúböszörmény Factory)

The factory was established in 1976 and manufactures more than 3500 different products.The Quality System is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 standard.

GE can supply Tungsten rods, Tungsten strips, Tungsten and Molybdenum wires and (a) large selection of coils too. Coil application fields are: Incandescent, Halogen and Automotive lamps; Fluorescent cathodes, HID electrodes, Metallizing (evaporation) coils, Lead-in wires, PCD and natural diamond drawing dies.

Last but not least we are open for cooperation in production of customer specific products.

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