GE Hungary Hajduboszormeny Component Factory

GE Hungary Hajdúböszörmény Component Factory is part of the GE Consumer and Industrial Lighting Business. The factory produces Tungsten rods, Tungsten strips, Tungsten and Molybdenum wires and a large selection of different kind of coils. Coil application fields are: incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, automotive lamps, fluorescent cathodes, HID electrodes, Metallizing (evaporation) coils, Lead-in wires, PCD and natural diamond drawing dies. The factory is ready to sell components based on customer specification.

Available capacities

  • Tungsten metal powder metallurgy and drawing
  • High speed, precise butt & laser welding and coiling
  • Vision systems for sorting and measuring
  • SEM analysis
  • Chemical technologies
Available facilities
  • Manufacturing area
  • Warehouse
  • Office space
  • Infrastructure

The city of Hajdúböszörmény and Hajdú-Bihar County

Hajdúböszörmény is located in the North-Eastern part of Hungary

Hajdúböszörmény is located in the North-Eastern part of Hungary, on the border of Nyírség and Hajdúság. You can reach on the 35 motorway, from direction of Debrecen or Miskolc, or the M35 highway from Budapest. Hajdúböszörmény is about 15 km away and north from the agglomeration of Debrecen, the Eastern Hungary's primary regional center.

GPS: 47.677987, 21.531186

Folk Hajdú Living Museum

Hajdúböszörmény Today

The 1960-70s industrial reforms transformed the social structure and image of Hajdúböszörmény. The GE Hungary Kft is the biggest industrial company and employer in the town today. You can learn about the history of the region in the Museum of the Hajdú County, as part of a permanent exhibition.
An archeologic assemblage was found in 2014, later known throughout Europe. Because of the composition of the finding, now it's scientifically acknowledged.

Folk Hajdú Living Museum – The Museum park has more than 200 years old restored houses from Böszörmény, outstanding form the other provincial houses, and welcomes its visitors with permanent exhibition and workshops.
If you want to know what exactly the famous bell is, what the world of the betyars was in Böszörmény, or if you want to meet the traditional soup stock making, then you should visit Museum of the Hajdú Country.

The Bocskai Thermal bath provides complex health services in all year. The thermal water's high iodide and bromide content is perfect for healing rheumatic joint diseases.

Our products

Tungsten and Molzbdenum wireswith different surface finish
Large selection of coils from incandescent lamp applications to vacuum evaporation and fluorescentlamp coils
CMH, HID, and automotivelamp cathodes
Lead-in wires
Produced for all kinds of lamps
Drawing dies
PCD and natural diamond drawing dies
Tungsten rods
Welding electrodes and tungsten rodsgrinded or oxidised

Contact us

GE Hungary, Hajdúböszörmény Component Factory
4220 Hajdúböszörmény, Kinizsi tér 1.
Director: Lajtos, Péter;
Phone: +36-52-563-613
Fax: +36-52-563-789

Component Sales and Partnership Manager: Kovács, Gábor;
Phone: +36-70-436-8744