GE Hungary Kisvárda - Halogen and Automotive lamps

GE Hungary Light Source Factory Kisvárda is a subsidiary of the GE Appliances & Lighting Business, producing Halogen & Automotive lamps. The site has 40 years of experience in complex mass production systems. This webpage shows our products facility range and capabilities in more detail.

Available capabilities

  • Halogen and Automotive lamp manufacturing
  • Hot technologies ( quartz / glass forming )
  • Resistance welding, soldering, welding control
  • Corrugated box production, blistering
  • Assembly processes
  • Rework, sorting

Available facilities

  • Manufacturing area
  • Warehouse
  • Office space
  • Infrastructure

The city of Kisvárda and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County

The city of Kisvárda

Kisvárda is a town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary near the border of Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. Kisvárda was the business center of a large agricultural region, with industries such as distilling and milling that were related to agriculture. It was located on the main rail line from Budapest to points east, which helped spur the growth of commerce.

Synagogue of Kisvárda

Kisvárda owns one of the greatest monumental castles in the Great Plain that was the Várday family's ancient nest. The castle keeps the memory of a more glorious time. Nowadays it is opened to the public as an open-air theatre. Next to the castle is the Castle Thermal Bath, where pleasant environment, sauna, health and swimming pools are waiting for the guests.

The former synagogue now is the home of the Rétközi Museum. Its first, and still the biggest collection stands from archeology. The greatest part of the exhibited finds has been saved from the material of the Castle of Kisvárda. The museum has also general exhibits of old furniture, local crafts, and agricultural implements.

Our products

1. Halogen lamps

  • Halogen display Quartz
  • Halogen Specialties
  • Halogen – Showbiz™, Entertainment
  • Energy Efficient Halogen ( EEH ) capsule

2. Automotive lamps

  • Festoon
  • Pearl
  • Hard Glass

3. Component

  • Lamp sub-assemblies
  • Quartz tube cut
  • Formed metal wire/parts
  • Chemicals

Contact us

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Phone: +36-45-504-925
Fax: +36-45-504-902
Site manager: Mezei, Béla
Phone: +36-45-504-921

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