GE Hungary Nagykanizsa - Light Source Factory and Distribution Center

GE Hungary Light Source Factory Nagykanizsa is a subsidiary of the GE Appliances & Lighting Business, producing lamps, bulbs, fixtures, plastics, metal parts and corrugated boxes. In addition our site has the full range of distribution service including labeling, sorting and container handling. This webpage shows our product and facility range and capability in more detail.

GE Hungary Nagykanizsa - Light Source Factory and Distribution Center

Available capacities

  • Electrostatic painting
  • Blistering
  • Corrugated box production
  • Metal work for plates
  • Plastic products
  • Assembling

Available buildings to lease

  • Manufacturing area
  • Store
  • Infrastructure

The city of Nagykanizsa and Zala County

Zala County is located in the Southwest of Hungary, with the lake Balaton on its Northeast and with the Slovenian and Croatian borders on its South.
Nagykanizsa as the Gate of Regions is located in the Southeast corner of Zala County. Its outstanding traffic-geographical position is belonged to the 5th European corridor, the Alps-Adriatic Community and the Mura-Dráva Euro-region. Nagykanizsa is the junction of railways from Budapest, Pécs and Szombathely with connections to Croatia and Italy.
The foundation of the settlement may be dated before the ancient times. It had key role in defence of Hungary through centuries but the real golden ages started with the 19th century. The town became significant trading place besides its infrastructural, cultural and educational majority.

After 1930, Nagykanizsa was the centre of the Hungarian oil and natural gas industry supported by American experts. On this basis the relevant machinery elements of the oil industry were made locally. Lots of other industrial companies came to Nagykanizsa such as brick and beer companies, furniture producers, glass and light source manufacturing.
Nowadays the main employers are GE Hungary Ltd (light source and logistics), Honeywell (electronics), Kanizsa-Trend (furniture), Dkg-East (machinery for oil industry). Well-structured, traditional educational facilities have been ensuring the appropriate labour for any enterprise.

Planned industrial developments: extension of industrial and logistic park, incubator house establishment, innovation centre creation and renewable energy applications.
Further future investments: thermal baths establishment, city rehabilitation, and Lake Csónakázó infrastructure development. Annual cultural events: International Jazz Festival, Cserfő Jazz Land, Wine and Gastronomic Festival, International Military Derby and the Day of Kanizsa.
Nagykanizsa offers several advantages and opportunities for any new investors with its trained and experienced man-power, traditional industrial culture and logistical capability.

Our products

1. Traditional incandescent products

  • General Light Sources: GLS and decorative types
  • Lamps for special applications: appliance indicator, rough service, traffic signs, 3-way lamps

2. Automotive lamps

  • Stop lamps
  • Wedge base lamps
  • Emergency Boxes

3. Energy Efficient Halogen Lamps production:

  • Décor halogen lamps

4. Light sources for Showbiz

  • Halogen and HID PAR lamps production

5. Energy saving products

  • Non-Integrated Compact lamps: Low and High Watt Biax, Double Biax, Tripre Biax lamps
  • 2D lamps

6. Fixtures

7. Glass production, coatings and chemicals

8. Plastics and metal parts products, corrugated boxes

Contact us

GE Hungary Nagykanizsa Light Source Factory and Distribution Center
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Phone: +36-93-504-110
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Site manager: Miklos, Herman
Phone: +36-93-504-110

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