GE Lighting Machinery Plant - VTG

We are providing full service in establish, upgrade or modify production with building professional machines fulfill highest standards.

Our mission

Committed technical staff and cost sensitive project management provide full support to our Customers for achieving competitive advantageous and significant growth on business result as their success contributes to our success as well.

We are providing full service in establish, upgrade or modify production with building professional machines fulfill highest standards.

Who we are:

  • Strong Mechanical and Electrical Engineering team with machine design/build experience on wide range of automation solutions
  • Machining capacity for part manufacturing
  • Experienced Mechanical and Electrical assembly team
  • Reliable project execution team experienced in complex project management using SAP R/3 ERP system

Available capacities

  • Electrical and Mechanical designers
    • Prototype, Build-to-print, Speed-up, Re-design, Refurbish
  • Machining capabilities
    • CNC machines, 3D Measuring, Special partners
  • Reliable assembly team
    • Mechanical assembling and setup
    • Electrical cabinet assembling and machine wiring
    • Debug, dry-runs, hot-runs
    • Vision, Implement process monitoring & vision systems
    • Install, Full production line installation
    • Refurbishment of used machines


The Machinery Plant was established in 1953 by Tungsram Co.Ltd. to design, develop and manufacture light source making machineries for the 100 years old company captive use.

However in the early of 1970 the plant activity has been diversified and expanded with building and selling machinery on the open world market including USA, China, Russia and the Third World countries.

Upon General Electric (US) acquisition - taken place in 1989 - the further opportunities were opened for the machine building as the plant became OEM supplier of the GE company and started building special purpose machines for other global companies.


Our main profile is to build individual machines and integrated automated production lines. We have all the resource that is essential to design, build, install and test so complex end-product such as a whole production line with various inputs.

Product range

  • Vacuum technical & Lighting machines
  • Components manufacturing machines for vacuum technical as well as other industrial purpose
  • In process and final quality control equipment
  • Electrical measuring machines
  • Vision Systems
  • Digitized process monitoring systems
  • Special purpose machines
  • Spare parts
  • Site installation of machinery
  • After sales services

Compliances of standards

  • Quality: ISO 9001:2009 (renewed: 2015), Lean & Six Sigma
  • EHS: ISO 14001 (renewed: 2012)
  • CE Marking

Contact Us

GE Lighting Machinery Plant – VTG

1046, Budapest Fóti str. 141.
Phone: +36 1 399 2817
Fax: +36 1 399 2985

Plant manager: Szabó, István


External Sales Leader: Pécsek, Béla


or Machinery Sales Team: