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In the past decades a team of professional technicians was formed in our plant, that manages to solve even the most special and complicated tasks. The Zalaegerszeg Plant has a group of 24 qualified engineers. Complying with the customer demands we plan and build tools, produce even prototypes and high series of pressed metal parts.

The city of Zalaegerszeg

Our company started working in Zalaegerszeg in 1976. As the local parts factory of General Electric (GE, formerly known as TUNGSRAM) our main focus used to be the production of various types of light bulbs but since then our product range has been expanded and now we mass produce parts for the car industry and other parts installed in electronic devices.

Our metal and metal-sheet processing and tool manufacturing capacities are suitable for the production and development of GE LED lighting systems and thus satisfy the needs of external partners as well.

Our company uses a high standard quality management system, we can guarantee that all safety and environmental protection regulations are met, we protect our employees and the environment and we put special emphasis on the continuous training of our workers.

We constantly improve our machinery to supply the EMEA region with innovative products.


According to the customer requirements we design, manufacture and install the required tools. In this process we are in continuous contact with the customer to make the prototypes and modify the tool in order to meet the optimal performance. It is possible through the continuous development of our pool of 70 special machines and the knowledge of 30 years. We produce more than 300 different tools per year in our tool workshop.

Mass production of metal parts

We are able to produce different kinds of metal parts made out of copper, aluminium, or steel with 0,2-2 mm thickness. More than 170 pressing machines and other equipments produce 10 million pieces of metal parts a day. Our pressing machines range from 1 to 100 tons. We are able to nickel plate and abrade the metals parts produced.
Our traditional products are lamp components.

In the field of lamp parts and components we have a wide range of products. The most progressive field of our production is the manufacturing of electrical components. We are able to satisfy the most demanding requirements such as complicated shapes, welding, threading and different surface treatments.

Available capacities:

  • production of various lamp bases
  • electrical and mechanical metal components
  • tool design and production

Sheet metal forming capabilities – LED manufacturing:

  • Fiber optic laser cut (4kW)
  • CNC turret punch
  • CNC press brake
  • Spot weld
  • Stud weld
  • Tool shop; tooling capabilities

Environment awareness, quality

The top-level production is guaranteed by ISO 9001/2000 quality assurance system, and by ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Beside the international standards we grant the GE's high level environmental and labour safety requirements. Accordingly our plant owns the Global Star certification, which is the most prestigious acknowledgement in GE.


1976  The factory was founded to produce lampcaps and different kinds of pressed components for Egyesült Izzó és Villamossági Vállalat. The following years there were significant investments: tool-making, glass production started and the surface treatment technology was established.
1989  The year brought significant changes in the life of the factory, when GE as a professional investor acquired our company.
1990  Due to GE's continuous investment projects the factory has experienced a great development. Its production multiplied, became supplier of the European lamp factories.
1994  The production volume increased with 40%
1999  New 4800m² workshop was built as a result of this investment the number of the product types increased with 25%.
2004  Integration to GE industrial business brought new opportunities. The product range can be extended with new different kind of pressed and bent metal parts
2005  Starting production of electrical metal components for power control equipments
2009  Ratio of non lighting components in production got over 20%, the number of pressing machines and technologies increased
2012-2015 Introduction of LED metal parts production, growing of electrical metal components production capabilities

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