Global Research Centre Headquarters

The home base for GE Global Research serves as the hub of our rapidly expanding operations, and includes more than 1,900 employees representing all areas and disciplines of science and technology. Virtually every scientific and technical discipline is represented.

GE Global Research is headquartered in a world-class, multidisciplinary technology center spread over 525 acres overlooking the majestic Mohawk River in upstate New York. The facility has been home to some of the Company's most exciting and far-reaching innovations. From its humble beginning in a carriage barn in Schenectady, New York, GE Global Research has grown into a global operation spanning multiple continents, employing people from virtually every scientific and technical discipline.

We are chemists, physicists, electrical and electronics engineers, microbiologists, metallurgists, information technologists and everything in between. People of different disciplines work on teams together to develop technologies in areas like electronic systems, alternative energies, biosciences and nanotechnology.

This is truly a place where GE's businesses and customers can come together with Global Research technologists to discuss technology, drive the next innovation breakthroughs and redefine what's possible.