GE Xensation lamps one of the GE Lighting's automotive lighting solutions

Automotive discharge headlight lamps

Developed in close collaboration with headlight manufacturers and produced with six sigma control, GE Xensation automotive discharge lamps represent innovative and energy efficient light sources on today's automotive market.

Discharge automotive bulb is filled with a mixture of xenon gas and metal-halide salts. The light is created by striking an arc between the two electrodes.

D1S - The lamp has a built in ignitor, requires an electronic ballast for functioning.

D2S, D2R - The lamp requires an electronic starter for quick ignition and electronic ballast for functioning.

Benefits of GE Discharge lamps: • Better visibility and illumination- the light emitted provides the driver with many benefi ts. It assists the human eye and allows better visibility and improved hazard awareness, allowing the driver to navigate poor driving conditions with increased confi dence and with less fatigue.
• Greater illuminated area on the road.
• Lower power consumption – 35W only instead of 55W (ordinary halogen lamp power consumption).
• Better durability – excellent vibration and shock resistance giving signifi cantly greater reliability.
• Optically advantageous whiter light compared to halogen lamps designed to give a colour that is closer to natural daylight


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