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Indicator lamps

GE manufactures different types of indicator lamps and has one of the widest selections available for  various applications in the car : parking, rear, reverse, stop, fog lights, side/turn signals, warning lights,  license plate, trunk lights, dashboard and interior lights.

The reliability and quality of GE indicator lamps is ensured by

  • computer-managed and controlled design process
  • fully automated production lines
  • high level of quality assurance system
  • continued investment programs

Technology highlights:

As well as the basic range, GE automotive also offers the premium range, based on special lamp designs. The premium range includes: Extra Life, Sportlight, Heavy Star. The premium lamps have additional benefits in terms of life, vibration resistance, faster signal, earlier notice. The premium lamps are also E1 marked, making their use on the EU roads possible.

The indicator lamps premium offering includes:

Extra Life : P21W, P21/4W, P21/5W, PY21W, R5W, R10W, T4W, W5W, C5W, H6W text:  Lamps with extended long lifetime. Have double the life of standard bulbs.

  • Suitable for Daytime Running Light (DRL) use
  • Ensures safe driving during day and night
Sportlight : P21W, P21/5W, R5W, R10W, W5W text: GE Sportlight miniature lamps produce brighter light than standard bulb, putting maximum light wherever you need it and making your vehicle more visible to others. Faster signal, earlier notice.
Heavy Star: P21W, PY21W, R5W, R10W, T4W text: Heavy Duty Long Life lamps. Newly developed coil design - increased robustness.
  • longer life vs ordinary 24V heavy duty lamps
  • improved performance ensures less vehicle down time, lower maintenance cost and lower overall running cost.
Longer intervals between changes - more economical driving

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