GE Decorative CFL Lamps

Decor - attractive bulb shapes

GE Lighting's Decor CFL range offers a wide variety of decorative energy saving lamps in original shapes and sizes. Suitable for offices, theatres, hotels or in the home, the range offers original shapes and the same long lasting and elegant light.

Energy Smart technology

GE's smart technology GE Energy Smart™ combines the tried-and-tested shape of traditional GLS light bulbs with the energy-saving benefits of compact fluorescent. And while there are other products that achieve a shape similar to GLS, only GE Energy Smart™ offers true like-for-like replacement.

Miniaturized electronics developed by GE engineers are the enabling technology of the covered Energy Smart™ compact fluorescent lamp featuring the "T2 GE Spiral" inside the glass bulb. The lamp is an exclusive design achievement, that GE has protected with more than 16 patents – the electronics fit in the neck of the frosted-glass bulb. The result is a profile that's virtually identical to a standard incandescent light bulb – same size and shape. This means that not only does GE Energy Smart™ have the aesthetics of traditional bulbs but also GE Energy Smart™ is the only compact fluorescent lamp that is a true GLS replacement.

Candle T2 6,000 and 8,000 hours

CFL integrated Candle T2 from GE Lighting

The 8,000 hours CFL candle lamps offer traditional incandescent shape, long life and elegant light. Suitable for multi-arm fixtures or anywhere the bulb is visible, GE Lighting's Decor CFL range is an ideal and eco-friendly solution characterized by outstanding fast run-up time.

CFL Integrated Products

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