CFL Non-Integrated Longlast Lamps from GE Lighting Europe

LongLast for maintenance saving

Our compact fluorescent LongLast™ lamps provide increased service life which significantly reduces replacement and maintenance costs.  They are compact energy saving fluorescent lamps with innovative double and triple tube designs giving an ideal light source for small fixtures and downlighters. GE triple BiaxTMLongLast™ guarantees the same light output in any burning position. It can be used in closed luminaires and outdoor applications too without significant light loss due to GE Amalgam technology providing stable lumen performance within a wide temperature range.

Biax™ T and T/E ranges

Ultra compact energy saving CFL lamps with triple-tube design give an ideal light source for small fixtures and downlighters. Biax™ T lamps allow more compact fixture designs with the same lumen output as Biax™ D lamps. They can also be used to deliver higher lumen output from existing designs.

In certain circumstances (with very low probability), a traditional CFL lamp may smoke and emit a melting plastic-like odour at the end of its life, an incident which is not generally dangerous. It may happen because the lamp voltage is increased, and the ballast still sustains the discharge, thus overheating the lamp. Even though most commercial ballasts are equipped with End-of-Life protection, the T/E lamps are designed to eliminate the above-mentioned issue by itself.

Biax™ L range

Biax™ L covers a range of single ended compact fluorescent lamps with high lumen output.
The single ended design is less than half the length of standard fluorescent lamps. This makes Biax™ L the ideal choice for modular luminaires. The range is available in colours of 2700, 3000, 3500, and 4000K allowing use in most environments.

Biax™ D & D/E LongLast™ ranges

Biax™ D & D/E LongLast™ lamps are available in 10, 13, 18 and 26 watt ratings, 10 and 13W in T3 tube size, 18 and 26W in T4 tube size and ranging from 101mm to 174mm in length. Five colours are available in two-pin and four-pin caps. A high colour rendering index (CRI) of 82 gives rich, vibrant colour.
The lamps are available in warm and cool colour temperatures suitable for a wide variety of environments.

The BiaxTM Q/E range

The BiaxTM Q/E, is a high output compact fluorescent lamp designed to fulfill customers' demand for higher lumen packages. The ultra compact energy saving Biax™ Q/E lamps with amalgam technology extend the application space of the innovative quadruple tube design. They can be used both in enclosed luminaires and outdoor applications without significant light loss. Amalgam technology makes the Biax™ Q/E lamps suitable for use in any burning position with the same light output. The Biax™ Q/E lamps with a 4-pin electrical connection and without an internal starter are designed for high-frequency electronic ballasts.

The Biax™ S range

Biax™ S compact fluorescent lamps can provide savings of up to 73% in energy costs compared to incandescent lamps. Low wattage Biax™ S lamps are ideal for new installations or to replace existing incandescent lamps. The Biax™ S lamps have built-in internal starters. They have a rated average life of 10,000 hours, which results in fewer lamp changes and a reduction in maintenance costs over the life of an installation. However, the Biax™ S/E lamps have 4-pin caps without built-in capacitors and starters, they are therefore suitable for operation with electronic control gear and can be used for dimming and emergency lighting applications. Biax™ S/E lamps have the same energy saving benefits and high quality colour rendering as the Biax™ S range.

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