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Linear Halogens

Linear halogen lamps provide a powerful light source for compact fittings used for floodlighting, architectural lighting and security.

Immediate powerful light

GE's mains voltage, double ended (DEQ) linear halogen lamps provide a high efficacy lighting solution with applications ranging from indoor residential installations to external floodlighting, architectural lighting and security.

Instant start up delivers an immediate, powerful light – essential for safety and security applications – and these lamps also deliver excellent lumen maintenance and stable colour temperature.

  • Up to 2,000 hours average rated life
  • 100 – 1500W
  • Immediate powerful light
  • Crisp white light for reading and indoor applications
GE's linear halogen lamps are double ended, using the universal R7s cap format, and are available in the two industry standards of 118mm or 78mm, plus longer, higher wattage versions.

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