Single Ended Miniature Halogen Lamps by GE Lighting Europe

Single Ended Miniature Halogens

GE miniature halogen capsules are perfect for stylish, modern lighting applications and are available in low voltage and mains voltage formats.

Versatile and stylish

GE's single ended (SEQ) miniature halogen capsules provide an ultra-compact but highly efficient and versatile general lighting solution for residential and commercial purposes, especially illumination of light sensitive objects in shop-windows, galleries, museums, etc.

GE miniature halogen capsules are available in a choice of low voltage (G4 and GY6.35 caps) and mains voltage (G9) formats. All lamps of the same base have a consistent light centre throughout the range for consistent optical design in fittings.

Axial and Transverse filaments Halogen Lamps by GE Lighting Europe

  • Axial or transverse filaments
  • Low voltage and mains voltage
  • UV protection
  • Up to 4,000 hours rated life
  • All formats – G9, G4, GY6.35 caps

Low voltage

The low voltage range is available in a choice of axial or transverse filaments, giving fittings designers plenty of scope for accurate optical control.

Axial types provide a wide, smooth beam with a good cutoff when used with a reflector, for the uniform lighting of vertical surfaces, for task lighting, or for wall mounted or portable. Transverse filaments provide a less uniform radial light distribution, but give more light in the lamp axis direction.

Choosing Capsules


Mains voltage

GE G9 capsule lamps are the most compact mains voltage light sources available GE's range covers illuminances for a wide variety of residential and commercial requirements.

The lamps feature a patented filament support system that provides excellent, safe end-of-life behaviour.

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