Specialty lighting and Horticulture lighting by GE Lighting Europe


GE specialty lamps are used in horticulture applications to extend daylight in greenhouses, heating where light is turned to heat and in the aviation industry for both the airfields and aircraft. Also, other products are applied for the attraction of flies and inscets, the destruction of bacteria and there are lamps coated in plastic for the safe use of flourescent lighting. Products for these applications include black light inspection lamps, UV germicidal lamps and halogen heaters.

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Airfield and aircraft

Airfield Special Lighting from GE Lighting Europe

GE has a range of lamps for airfield runways and taxiway for all airports; also we provide many sealed beam lamps to the aircraft industry, as well.

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Heating Special Lighting from GE Lighting Europe

Our range of quartz heat lamps are available for space heating and industrial applications incuding paper and paint drying or anywhere that heat is required.

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Horticulture Special Lighting from GE Lighing Europe

The Lucalox™ PSL (PhotoSynthesis Light) high pressure sodium lamps are designed to produce the best possible PAR performance.


Lighting Glossary

Lighting Glossary

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