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Entertainment lighting solutions

GE lighting is a leading supplier to the entertainment industry, offering a range of lamp technologies for use in applications including stage, studio, film and event lighting.
This section details the current range available, however as GE continues its pioneering work in the development of new and innovative light sources some new lamps may not appear.

Film and Broadcast - CSR UltraViolet-Control range

Entertainment Lighting Solutions for film and broadcast lighting

With rising awareness of UV emissions, GE leads the way with its SHOWBIZ® UV-Control lamps. Using a specially designed absorbing quartz these products offer greatly reduced UV emissions over standard  products with no compromise to performance - there is simply much less UV: 98% in the UVC band. GE offers the largest range of UV-Control lamps from 200 W to 6000 W. The significant reduction in UV can help extend the life of components of fixtures and protect users from any light spill from the back of the fixture.
The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) defines the UV bands as UV-A (315-400 nm); UV-B (280-315 nm) and UV-C (100-280 mm). GE uses a UV blocking titanium-cerium doped clear fused quartz for the lamp's outer jacket. This absorbs much of the UV-B and UV-C radiation while maintaining transmittance efficiency in the visible spectrum range.

Event and Tour

Entertainment Lighting Solutions for event and tour lighting

GE lighting has a wide range of lamps for events and tours where high light output and high colour temperature is required to give the best light effect for the performing artists and audiences.

Our main product ranges for event and tour applications:

  • Single ended cold start
  • Double ended hot restrike
  • CSR single ended short arc

Club and Disco

GE has an extensive range of PAR lamps available, from PAR36 to PAR64.
GE PAR lamps provide tried and tested quality that can be relied on. The most popular 1000 W types, CP60,61,62 are manufactured in Europe, while most of the PAR36 and PAR56 and many of the other PAR64 types are US manufactured. PAR lamps provide a robust and flexible design solution for a wide range of applications.

  • Choice of PAR36, PAR46, PAR56 or PAR64
  • 3000 K or 4200 K colour temperature
  • Choice of beam widths
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • High efficiency combined with low operating costs
  • Robust and reliable
  • UV control
  • Easy retrofit
  • Colour consistent throughout life
  • Colour blends with halogen and fluorescent


Entertainment Lighting Solutions for theatre lighting.

GE has an extensive range of halogen lamps in both single and double ended format that are primarily used in theatre applications. With the increasing number of spectacular musicals there are a number of moving lights used in theatres, so you may also find lamps in our event section.

GE offers an extensive range of Quartzline® HPL lamps, especially designed for applications in entertainment and architectural lighting where ETC Source Four™ * fixtures are used.

Our main product ranges for Theatre applications:

  • Double ended halogen
  • Single ended halogen HPL
  • Single ended halogen

Architainment, Projection and Photography

The technology used in GE's entertainment range also has applications in the field of architectural lighting where long life is required. There is also a range for specialist projection and photography

Special applications

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