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GE Lightech™ LED Drivers

Powered by Lightech technology, our drivers are both efficient and intelligent, allowing you to create innovative, next-generation lighting systems that live up to your high-performance standards. For your next application, trust GE Lightech LED drivers to provide peace of mind, as well as superior ROI through quality construction and reliable performance.

Constant Current LED Drivers

  • Full range from 1W 350mA - 48W 1050mA
  • Available in 220-240V
  • Suitable for many lighting applications
  • Efficiencies of up to 89%
  • Environmentally robust and durable (<0.005% failures)
  • Dimming and Static solutions
  • 5 years warranty
  • CE and VDE certifications, patent protected

Dimmable CC Drivers

Phase-control Drivers

  • 15W to 48W; 350mA to 1050mA (1400mA to be launched soon)
  • Available in 220-240V
  • Patent-protected technology
  • 5 years warranty

1-10 Dimming Drivers

  • 18W-36W, 350mA-700mA and 48W 1050mA
  • 1-10v dimming drivers for commercial and residential construction
  • 5 years warranty

DALI Constant Current options available soon

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

  • Solutions from 12W-200W
  • 12V / 24V output
  • Efficiencies of up to 93%
  • IP67, CE and VDE ratings
  • Suitable for signage and linear systems (Cove, Under-cabinets, etc.)
  • 100W and 60W products optimized for signage
  • Trailing edge dimmable 25W and 60W available now
For use as low voltage control gear for LED system

LED Driver FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are GE Lightech™ LED Drivers dimmable?
  • What type of Dimmer is capable of working with your Phase-Controlled dimmable drivers?
  • How will I know whether to use a Constant Voltage or Constant Current driver with my LED's?

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