LED Signage Lighting systems by GE Lighting Europe

LED Signage Lighting Systems

GE's LED Signage Lighting Systems enable infinite signage applications for indoor and outdoor lighting as well. Tetra LED systems provide significant energy savings and cost reductions, easier jobsite installation, less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness and uniformity across your signs. GE Tetra high-efficiency, long life LED systems deliver exceptional performance for channel letter, border lighting and cabinet sings applications.

Grocery Lighting Solutions

Grocery Lighting Solutions
Grocery companies all over the world are using innovative lighting solutions from GE Lighting to increase sales, reduce energy costs and take major steps towards meeting their sustainability commitments. Don't you want to be one of them?

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Browse LED Signage Lighting Systems

Browse LED Signage Lighting Systems
Significant energy-saving, easier installation, varying box-depth and homogenity in lighting: gather more information about the technical features of GE Lighting's long-life Tetra® LED signage systems. Download datasheets, see photometric files, browse our E-Catalogue!

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Border Lighting

Tetra LED Border Lighting

Enjoy unbridled freedom in enhancing your architectural designs with GE Lighting's Tetra® LED Border Lighting products. You can create bold designs and attractive accent lighting without the typical worries of working with fragile neon glass. This system provides a bright, uniform appearance, seamless illumination and a wide 330° view angle to give the classic appearance of neon.

Cabinet Signs

Tetra LED Cabinet Signs

Brand protection and environment-friendliness at the same time? With our Tetra® LED Cabinet Signs it becomes possible. Create a unique look for your business by using these energy-efficient applications.

Channel Letters

Tetra LED Channel letters

Easy installation and homogeneous light output: GE Lighting's Tetra® LED Channel Letters are not only cost-efficient, but also make your signs look flawless.

LED drivers and transformers

LED drivers and transformers from GE Lighting Europe

Find detailed product information and SKUs for GE Lightech™ LED drivers and halogen transformers.

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